Local mental health statute would make it illegal for women to own guns for one week out of every month

Culvert County sheriff Cal Caitiff proposed a statute at Wednesday’s Town Council meeting would make it illegal for women aged 14-65 to possess a firearm within Clunge Valley town limits for one week out of every month.
According to the statute, women would be required to turn all of their registered and unregistered firearms into the Calvert County sheriff’s office for one week out of every month. Women would not be disarmed as a group, but on a rotating¬† basis “with the exact dates to be determined on an individual basis.”
Caitiff called the statute Operation Red Alert, indicating a high alert protocol needs to be followed to pass the measure quickly.
“We’ve had more than our fair of gun violence here in the Valley and we can’t keep waiting for Congress or even the Governor to amend these laws to handle such a mental health crisis. By taking guns from women for, you know, about a week out of every month, especially in our community, we may well save lives.¬† What could be more important?”
At one point, the sheriff loudly proclaimed: “This is common sense legislation if I ever heard of it!”
In spite of an objection from Councilwoman Glenning, the motion to discuss was seconded by Mabel Schwarber. The statute will move to discussion before next month’s open forum session at the Clunge Valley Ruritan, and is ensured a vote by the Council.